Famous Scottish Actors (That You Didn’t Know Were Scottish)

Every actor and actress nowadays plays a Yank on TV. And they do it convincingly too, what with the accents and all. Barely any Scottish brogue detected, huh. Did you know Batman (not Bat Affleck, but the last one), was Welsh? In fact, some of these actors and actresses even keep their American accents for press tours and promotions to avoid confusing the simpleminded public with their accents. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 Hollywood stars who you may not have known are Scottish.


  1. Sean Connery – Needing no introduction, Sir Sean Connery, who is still kicking arse at 85 years of age, best known as James Bond and Indiana Jones’ Dad.  He was born in Edinburgh, got into bodybuilding at 18, and got into acting incidentally by helping out a theatre backstage to earn some extra cash. As some stories go, while in Edinburgh, Connery was targeted by the notorious Valdor gang, one of the most ruthless gangs in the city. He was first approached by them in a billiard hall on Lothian Street where he prevented them from stealing from his jacket and was later followed by six gang members to a 15 ft high balcony at the Palais. There Connery launched an attack single-handedly against the gang members, grabbing one by the throat and another by a biceps and cracked their heads together. From then on he was treated with great respect by the gang and gained a reputation as a “hard man”. If that doesn’t scream ‘Ultimate Badass’, I don’t know what does!


  1. Gerard Butler – THIS IS SCOTTLLANNNDDDDDDD! Best known as King Leonidas from 300 (where he inexplicably kept his Scottish accent) and also the disgraced Secret Service Agent in Olympus Has Fallen (and its upcoming sequel, London Has Fallen), this thespian was born 46 years ago in Renfrewshire. He was also the titular character in the Phantom Of The Opera remake. He also graduated from law school, and rightfully so, left to pursue another career that wouldn’t suck out your soul like a Dementor from Harry Potter. Apparently he also doesn’t drink alcohol (not very Scottish), although he did go into rehab for painkiller abuse (is that more American or Scottish? Hmmmm).


  1. Ewan MacGregor- Born 44 years ago in Perth, the wise Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi first had his breakthrough role as a heroin addict in Trainspotting. A far cry, from what most Americans know him as. Fun fact: although he does not drink alcohol currently, this was due to a  period in his life where he was effectively a functioning alcoholic (aka being true to his Scottish routes).


  1. James McAvoy – First introduced to global audiences as a creepy satyr in The Chronicles of Narnia, the 36 year old Glasgow born actor would soon move on to way cooler roles, namely starring opposite Angelina Jolie in 2008’s Wanted. His role as a bullet-bending, physics-defying assassin was so awesomely badass he soon got a role in X-Men: First Class and its sequel, and his star looks to keep on rising. I recommend checking out his role in Filth as a bad cop in Scotland; I won’t spoil the twist for you, but it’s totally worth it.

 brian cox

  1. Brian Cox – The epitome of ‘that guy’ in the movies. You know, that guy? The one you see in many movies but you don’t know his name? Well, it’s Brian Cox, born 69 years ago in Dundee. Got his break as the first Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter (directed by one of my favourite directors of all time, Michael Mann). Fun fact, he’s connected to James McAvoy as he voiced Aslan the Lion in The Chronicles of Narnia, and he was the antagonist in the second X-men movie as Col. William Stryker. Oh, and he was the baddie in The Bourne Supremacy too.


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